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AP1 & AP2 Series

Aeration Made Simple !!!!

AP1 and AP2 Series Air Pump with LogoAir Pump dissolved oxygen is one “secret ingredient” in combating tough Iron & Hydrogen Sulfide problems. Air Pump (AP1 & AP2) is an innovative, compact, quiet source of oil-less compressed air, producing 75 psi maximum operating pressure. Constructed of a solid design, built to withstand wear and tear, this product is reliable, adaptable, and requires low maintenance. With the use of the Air Pump, aeration is made simple and can easily adapt to existing aeration systems. The Air Pump eliminates obsolete air injectors and the problems of sizing venturis. Air is introduced on the outlet side of the pressure tank, which prevents precipitated iron from building up in the pressure system.

For Natural Oxidation of Hydrogen Sulfide and Iron, Features of the AP1 & AP2 Series Include:

AP1 & AP2 Series Air Pump Install Diagram with Venturi

  • Plenty Of Dissolved Oxygen
  • Availability of 115 volt and 230 volt
  • Adaptation to existing aeration systems
  • Easy installation
  • No back pressure on well pumps
  • No troublesome venturis
  • Oil-less and medically safe
  • Thermal protection
  • Continuous Duty
  • One year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • UL listed (AP1 CSA listed and AP2 CUR recognized)

The Physical Characteristics of the Air Pump are:

  • Approximately 8 lbs. Pump weight
  • 50 decibels Pump noise
  • Water Resistance (Built for inside use—not to withstand rain or extreme wet conditions)
  • Can withstand temperatures from 40 to 100 degrees Farenheit
  • 20,000-25,000 Hours of use lifespan
  • Aluminum body and components
  • Stainless steel valves
  • Teflon compression cup
  • Rocking piston for air compression
  • Induction (not commutator) motor

The Air Volume Production and Quality of the Air Pump is:

AP1 & AP2 Production Performance Chart

  • Cubic feet per minute injection of air
  • At 0 psi, AP1 injects .38 CFM & at 50 psi injects .15 CFM
  • At 0 psi, AP2 injects .23 CFM & at 60 psi injects .07 CFM
  • Oil-less, non-contaminated
  • 70 psi recommended maximum operating pressure, can pump up to 100 psi

Maintenance Tips for the Air Pump Include:

  • Self-lubricating (no oil)
  • Replace Teflon compression cups every 12,000 hrs.
  • Recommended annual inspection
  • Vertical mount installation is recommended to prevent moisture and debris from building up on valves and valve plates. (see diagram above)

Recommended Accessories Include:

Installation Kit

Download and Print Tech Sheet:

AP1 & AP2 Series Literature – Feb 2016

Due to our excellent product and our years of experience, we are pleased to hold long-standing relationships with distributors from a local level to internationally. Our clients have worked in the industry for years, they use our products because they know it works.

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