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Air-MaxTo treat hydrogen sulfide and iron problems in water, the Aer-Max system uses a three step process to achieve consistently clean and clear water. Our systems are cost-effective, sturdy, and reliable even in challenging water.

The Aer-Max uses three steps: Oxidation, Precipitation, and Filtration. It oxidizes the water by injecting pressurized air into the water system. During the aeration process, oxygen mixes with iron and hydrogen sulfide, precipitating these undesirable elements. Unwanted air and gases are expelled through the Maxi-Vent, allowing maximum air turnover. The final stage of the process is when the water flows through the filtration tanks, producing naturally clean water, without the use of costly and hazardous chemicals.

When using chemical treatment methods, homeowners spend precious time monitoring water quality and end up paying high costs for chemicals. Also, since caustic chemicals are volatile, there is the potential that solving one water problem can create a host of other issues. Storage and handling of caustic chemicals can be hazardous, and the responsibility of blending the proper ratio of chemicals into the water can be difficult. Given these risks, it is no surprise that aeration for water treatment is the favored method among homeowners. Air is non-toxic, it cannot cause bodily harm, and it does not pose storage problems. If you are a professional in the water treatment industry, you are bound to profit from adopting the technologies that your clients want to see.

Features of Aer-Max Include:

  • Natural water treatment
  • No caustic chemicals or salt
  • Maintenance-free system for homeowners
  • Maximizes air injection for added oxidation
  • 1” Plumbing capacity for greater water flow

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Another key element in the high performance of Aer-Max is the reliability of the Air Pump. The Aer-Max Air Pump injects air into the vent tank without restricting water flow. In contrast, obsolete aeration devices such as venturis or micronizers rely heavily on the well pump system. These aeration devices restrict the flow of water and are not always reliable in providing positive air introduction.

The Maxi-Vent, another key component of the Aer-Max system, is an electronic device capable of expelling air and unwanted gases as fast as the Air Pump injects air (faster if necessary). This high rate of air turnover allows better oxidation of contaminants in the water. Mechanical air vents on the market may release air too slowly, thus providing an unacceptable air turnover rate.

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