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1997 Air Pump Water Solutions Company Employees

1997 Air Pump Water Solutions Company Employees

Family owned and operated, we have provided water treatment services to Maryland since 1978. One of the unique challenges of working in and around the coastal plains of the Chesapeake Bay is the massive amount of iron, sulfur, and acidic water. There are upwards of 30 parts per million of iron in the water in the Chesapeake Region. We have been developing technology to mitigate water contamination since the early days of our company. We have since modified our specialty aeration equipment that water treatment companies prefer. As technology and techniques develop, we incorporate them into practical, easy to use, aeration equipment.

We speak from personal experience when we say that other methods such as chemical injection, water softeners, venturies, and ozone are far less effective in reducing water contamination. While highly touted technologies in their time, all were problematic and failed to provide consistently clear water. After years of trial and error, we remained committed to finding a solution for our customers, and eventually our drive and innovation culminated in an effective product. In 1985, we developed the Air Pump, an innovative, compact, quiet source of oil-less compressed air that was reliable while remaining economical. It was the solution to a problem that had been plaguing water consumers in Maryland for years. Never the kind of company to call something “good enough”, we continued to perfect the aeration process using our Air Pump, adding new features and ideas over time. When combined with filtration and/or re-pressurization, aeration provides a total water treatment package. Years of dedication, commitment, and a sincere desire to provide people with the cleanest water possible, we have a product that works on the toughest water problems.

Since our system was perfected, we have provided our product to water treatment dealers and distributors throughout the United States. In 1995, we became incorporated as Air Pump Water Solutions, Inc., proudly serving homeowners, manufacturers, and dealers both nationally and internationally in Canada & Eastern Europe. Benefits of using Air Pump include:

  • Reduction or elimination of chemical use in water treatment
  • Preferential status among customers who prefer natural water treatment options
  • Ecological benefits inherent to our system
  • Good tasting water, plain and simple
Although no one technology is perfect in all situations, most iron and sulfur problems can be solved with an Air Pump Water Solutions aeration application. To learn more about using aeration for treatment of water contamination, please see our How It Works page, or feel free to Give Us a Call.

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